Princeton European Fertility Project:
Definitions of Proportion of Females Widowed and Divorced at Age 50

The countries in the following list have the proportion of women aged 50 who are widowed or divorced, in cols. 55-59 of the data records in the Master File. If data were not available by single year of age, the average of the proportions widowed and divorced at ages 45-49 and ages 50-54 was used. Exceptions to this definition are noted below. Those countries not listed below do not have data on the proportion widowed and divorced at age 50. The two-digit number preceding the country name is the country identifier found in columns 1-2 of the master file.

  • 03 Belgium - widowed/divorced aged 45-49 was used.
  • 04 Denmark (All Series) - standard definition, except that in Series 1, for 1960, the regional total, urban and rural proportions widowed/divorced are weighted averages of the proportions for the component provincial proportions, where the urban and rural populations of the provinces were used as weights.
  • 09 Germany (Series 2) - not available for West Germany. For East Germany and the entire country, the standard definition was used.
  • 22 Bulgaria (All Series) - Standard definition.
  • 23 Czechoslovakia (All Series) - Standard definition.
  • 24 Hungary (Series 1) - Standard definition.
  • 25 Rumania (Series 0 and 2) - Standard definition.
  • 26 Yugoslavia(Series 0 and 1) - Standard definition.