Princeton European Fertility Project:
Definitions of Proportion Living in Urban Areas

The following descriptions indicate the criteria used to define the proportions living in urban areas, which is found in cols. 65-69 of the data records in the Master File. Countries which are not shown in the following list do not have data on proportion living in urban areas. The two-digit number preceding the country name is the country identifier found in columns 1-2 of the master file.

  • 03 Belgium - Urban areas are places with 10,000 population or over.
  • 04 Denmark (All series) - For 1960, urban is "provincebyerne" plus Hovedstaden. Rural is everything else. Note: The original documentation states that this variable is only available in 1960, but the data contain it for every year.
  • 08 Germany
    • Series 0 - Urban includes municipalities with over 2000 population, except in Prussia, where urban includes legally defined cities of population approximately 2000.
    • Series 2 - Available only for East Germany (areas 12-26, 28); legally defined cities.
  • 22 Bulgaria - Official definition at date.
  • 23 Czechoslovakia - Official definition at date.
  • 25 Rumania - Official definition at date.
  • 26 Yugoslavia (Series 0 and 1) - Official definition at date.